Qianqian (Q) Ye (she/they) is a Chinese artist, creative technologist and educator based in Los Angeles (Gabrielino-Tongva Land). She currently works as a Co-Lead at p5.js and an Adjunct Assistant Professor at USC Media Arts + Practice. She was born and raised in China and moved to the US in 2012. Trained as an architect, she creates digital, physical, and social spaces exploring issues around gender, immigrant, power, and technology.

Her current practice focuses on alternative community building, technology against misinformation, the Chinese language system, and re-imagining gender in a non-western narrative. She holds a Master of Landscape Architecture from Cornell University and a Bachelor of Architecture from ZJUT. Her works have been shown at Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Ecobuild London, Killscreen Magazine and various exhibitions in US and China. She worked at a number of design practices internationally, from the US (NIO, Gehl Studio), Denmark(BIG, SHL), to China (Vector Architects). Qianqian Ye founded YE/S in 2016, focusing on art and design for architectural, digital and virtual spaces. She was a Processing Foundation 2019 Fellow.


Workshop: Reimagine Gender, Reinvent Chinese Character - at B4Bel4b Gallery , Feb. 2020.
Art Show “女 Nǚ: Other Half of the Sky” - by RADII , Feb. 2020.
Interview with Qianqian Ye - by Google Design Notes Podcast , Oct. 2019.
Workshop: Digital Weaving, Physical Computing - at WCCW, Oct. 2019.
Interview with 2019 Fellow Qianqian Ye - by Processing Foundation, Aug. 2019.
Issue Twenty-Five: Art - by The Adroit Journal, May. 2018.
ART: Alone Not Alone - by The Offing Magazine, Apr. 2018.
ART FOR AWKWARD AND LONELY PEOPLE - by Forth Magazine, Mar. 2018.
VR Supper Club Interview - by Kill Screen, Jan. 2017.
Planning By Doing - with Gehl, Jun. 2016.
¡A todo pedal! - with Gehl, Apr. 2016.
SAM: Super-Agri-Mart - with Droog, Sep. 2014.
To Be Destroyed - by Museum of Contemporary Art, Sep. 2014.